Trade and working capital is vital for businesses to grow by investing in new projects and inventory for new orders.  In 2012, Deloitte showed there was £64 billion locked up in excess working capital, and releasing this cash would have a significant impact on a business being able to seize profitable opportunities and be better able to cope with temporary economic downturns.

Our Solution

Advantage specialise in restructuring working capital and providing incremental funding opportunities.  We often provide funding opportunities for areas of working capital previously un-funded due to time or risk constraints.  We can arrange working capital facilities to release cash from your operating cycle; improve the flexibility of your payment terms to deliver more sales; or increase supply chain funding lines to improve your cash cycle.

Your Advantage:

  • Revenue growth
  • Increased flexibility with customers and suppliers
  • Reduced cost of debt
  • Increased volume capacity
  • Off-balance sheet compliant funding
  • Invested capital released


  • Debt advisory
  • Restructuring of working capital financing
  • Sale or financing of receivables
  • Supply chain funding
  • Restricted cash release
  • Identification of incremental funding opportunities

Financial Services

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