As the global marketplace continues to be volatile, protection from the economic and political risks of international and domestic trade is of major importance to businesses.  From every day transaction risks to the black swan events that change the business, industry or even economy; businesses need to make sure they are protected so they can trade with confidence and continue to grow.

Our Solution

Advantage has specialist expertise in economic and political risk mitigation strategies that will help your business to trade more freely.  We will work with board members and key stakeholders to identify, design and implement risk management strategies to overcome restrictions on trade, increase your working capital capacity and deliver customer friendly and competitive terms at highly competitive rates.

Your Advantage:

  • Increased volume capacity
  • Increased counter party risk protection
  • Reduced bad debt incidence
  • Reduced cost of debt
  • Improved flexibility in managing risks
  • Reduced credit management costs







  • Restructuring of sales and/or purchase transactions
  • Credit risk mitigation
  • Guarantee issuing facilities
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Contract bonding advisory

Risk Management

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