Advantage offers a range of trade and working capital advisory services that deliver improved working capital management and removes financial restrictions on trade.

Explore our services using the links below.  Contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail and arrange a meeting with one of our specialists.

Financial Services

Advantage specialise in restructuring working capital and providing incremental funding opportunities.  We often provide funding opportunities for areas of working capital previously un-funded due to time or risk constraints.  We can arrange working capital facilities to release cash from your operating cycle; improve the flexibility of your payment terms to deliver more sales; or increase supply chain funding lines to improve your cash cycle

Risk Management

Advantage has specialist expertise in economic and political risk mitigation strategies that will help your business to trade more freely.  We will work with board members and key stakeholders to identify, design and implement risk management strategies to overcome restrictions on trade, increase your working capital capacity and deliver customer friendly and competitive terms at highly competitive rates.


Our specialists provide comprehensive, objective and confidential advisory services to help you manage your working capital efficiently.  Using our extensive skill base and specialist experience we perform rigorous analysis on your current operations and deliver our assessment with a road map to improve your operational performance.


Contact our specialist team to discuss your requirements in more detail: 01926 671335.