Trade Finance Solutions

PWC Working Capital Review: €900bn excess working capital opportunity in Europe, up to 54.5% improvement in ROCE for individual companies.

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Our services

Risk Management


Our team work with board members and key stakeholders to manage the economic and political risks of trade in a pragmatic and risk averse way. Our knowledge of the financial markets can provide access to a support network of financial institutions who offer protection and deliver certainty to your organisation.


We have developed and implemented strategies to cover Organisational Risks, Contract Liabilities, International Payment Risks for a number of our Clients.

Financial Solutions


We offer our Clients strategic insights backed by rigorous analysis and the experience of our team to identify efficiencies in the working capital cycle; improve profitability and deliver growth.


Drawing on deep experience, our team have delivered strategic, cash saving, and cash generating solutions for organisations such as Process Re-EngineeringMarket Entry, and Divestment.



We work with lenders, stakeholders and management to design structures that will overcome funding constraints and unlock value in the working capital cycle.  We aim to deliver solutions that maximise the balance sheet value, and benefit cash flow and the P&L.


Our restructuring work has delivered value for Clients in the UK and Overseas, including some of the most challenging countries to do business in.  We have provided facilities that Increase Supply, Fund Inventory and Reduce Receivables, increasing our Clients ability to trade.

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Operate Globally

Expand your global footprint and benefit from developing market growth.


Trade Freely

Remove restrictions on trade volumes to increase capacity and reduce costs.


Unlock Value

Reduce working capital tied up on your balance sheet and improve liquidity.


Why Advantage?

  • Grow Revenue
  • Reduce Cost
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Reduce Risks
  • Increase Capacity
  • Access New Funding
International Finance

Specialist Knowledge: Our specialists approach every project as part of your team.  We add value by using our specialist knowledge of working capital management to analyse the specific issues you face and develop practical solutions that help navigate often complex financial issues.  We will perform our own research and due diligence, and use our experience of the financial markets to deliver the best solution for your long term ambitions.

Global Sales Advisors

Global Sourcing:  We have access to the most up to date information on banking and insurance institutions around the world, allowing us to identify and negotiate with the most appropriate funding partners for you.  We evaluate the relationships between the UK banks and the local banks in your territories to establish who has funding lines at the most competitive rates to deliver the most appropriate funding solutions.