We are a specialist trade and working capital advisory firm, focused on overcoming financial restrictions on trade and delivering incremental funding opportunities.  Based centrally in the UK we have easy access to a national and international network of Clients, and are in easy reach of one of the world’s largest financial hubs: London.

Our Directors have an extensive senior management background with Jaguar Land Rover, one of the UK’s largest exporters. They were previously responsible for multi-billion dollar, worldwide receivables funding programs; global credit insurance contracts; and international Government contract negotiations. We bring this knowledge and experience of managing growth and apply it specifically for our Clients, helping them to improve working capital management and remove restrictions on trade.

We take a partnership approach to working with our Clients, where our incentives are aligned and our success directly linked to your success. We work to create win-win situations for you and your Customers that lead to increased sales and boost trade. Because of this our success is very closely linked to the success of our Clients.


We have secured and financed trade in over 160 countries around the world, for both commercial and government contracts.  We deliver working capital projects in some of the most difficult yet fastest growing markets in the world: giving our Clients the competitive advantage.


We offer our services to corporate’s in the UK and Overseas in all sectors of industry who are looking for support to improve their working capital cycle and remove restrictions on trade capacity.

The Advantage Way:

To deliver the highest levels of service for our Clients, we have set out our approach as follows:

  • Base relationships on adding value
  • Bring innovative and fresh thinking
  • Provide hands on delivery
  • Maintain a commercial focus
  • Be professional and confidential
  • Offer a transparent fee structure